December 9, 2014

shit happens

When everything’s just boring as hell, already enough with me-time or group hangout. All you need was a person who wants to talk about personal stuff with you. To go far places and do stupid things with the only you just for one night. Then you started calling a total stranger and asked him to get drunk. That’s the way it was. The next morning you woke up in your worst hair and face condition, didn’t know what happened last night. The stranger didn’t say much and just gone by. You went home, wishing the stranger would at least call or text just to make sure that you’re ok. But it turned out doesn’t happen.

You realized how stupid you were, how lonely, and how pathetic your life is. Started being an over-thinker, called your ex and told him not to talk to you anymore because you felt so bad. You didn’t know why the hack you did it, you just did it. The next day you met your ex. He didn’t talk or even look at you. He laughed and did some jokes with other girl, a definitely ‘it girl’.

The ‘it girl’ seemed to not realize that you were there too. She maybe done no wrong, but you just want to eat her. Oh why girl-girl relation is always full with sensitiveness and drama.

You’re still there, witnessed the ‘it girl’ making some jokes and people laughing on it but you. You’re happened to be like a moron, an alien, an idiot pussy, or whatever people named it. You wanted to talk or laugh on the jokes, but you couldn’t. Everything was not funny anymore. Everybody who used to be so close with you is being much closer with the ‘it girl’. “Time flies, people change” is such a true cliché words that’s so relevant for your current life. You hate cliché things and being cliché itself, but you are.

NOW, you’re just sitting in a shit mall, alone, writing this cheesy shit before doing your never ending shit campus tasks as well as thinking about your stupidity, loneliness, cheesiness and so on and so on.

Oh life feels like a bunch of shits.

PS: Hai, freak! 
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