May 12, 2013

tentang tegang

thing that scares me the most is to get married.

I just cannot see me being with the same person for the rest of my life, having the greatest emotional bound with those called kids of mine, dedicate my whole life for those people, put myself as a perfect role in front of them, and other stuffs that in instance hiding my non-angel sides for the good of other people.

I think that kind of 'sacrifice' simply give an explanation about the 'reality' that most of parents get that bad-temper. Get fatter after baby-born, older and uglier because of the pressure of fulfilling family needs, being committed, cannot do everything they want as free as when they're single. That situation leads them to be that tegang kind of person -dan maklumi saja lah-

Well, the portrait of ketegangan in my mind just like those two fat husband-wife with their wrinkles on face. Maaf jika cenderung seperti Bapak SBY dan Bu Ani, they look so tegang all the time. Not my fault.
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