June 10, 2012

Hey, she is Eka

Her name is Fianty Pratiwi. If she says that she is a sister of Kristen Strewart, DO NOT EVER BELIEVE, she is too obsessed to be, hehe. You can call her (merd)'Eka' because she was born on August 17th. She has been my best-est friend since we were in 10th grade of SHS. We were in the same class and our days were full of laughs at that time. I don't know how we could be so close. Actually at the very first time I saw her, I felt that we wouldn't be a good friend. She, with her up-to-toe purple's stuffs just annoyed me. But, as the time had gone by, I found that we were so click in mind. Yahh, although she is so galauuu person, but I DO LOVE HER VERY MUCH and I wish to see her soon.
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