September 5, 2011

the awesome do awesome themselves

People are racing to be the most awesome one. But less they mostly do it in the same way to those who are awesome already. They about to wear the same kind of outfit, same kind of shoes, same way to act, same way to walk, same accessories, same pose, so on. in simply word they are "follower" a.k.a "copycat-er". They just don't realize that they are ruining their characteristic, also breaking the world (literally). Please do notice ! Harder you try to be awesome in another one way to be, it'll put you further from the awesomeness itself. We don't need to be the follower of awesome person to be an awesome one.

Just do and be the best in our way and the awesomeness will follow after it. don't need to have Diana Rikasari's outfit to be a fashionable one, don't need to post in Bena kribo's way to be a funny-blogger, don't need to make es teler ala Mahkota (the most wanted es teler in Palu with about Rp. 15.000.000 profit a day. One day there was one cheating on its taste but then got failure). It also happened with my adorable sister (lalabohang) when plagiarism spread on her crafts check this , that's so cruel.

More than anything else, don't need to wear those big-bling-bling-horrible-skull-accessories just to be like a glamorous 'sesuatu' . Just take a look to them who run the world, they are not same with the others, they know who they are. They are inspiring not following. They are creating not cheating. Do realize that a follower never be as awesome as the one he/she follows. I'm not an awesome one but at least I don't try following another one. That's why I don't feel any guilty because I don't grab anything from anyone, I don't feel any pain because I don't want to be another one. My breath flows freely every steps I take.
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